kjjnIn the last few months there has been a lot of buzz surrounding autonomous driving and more specifically the Google car. However, everything we know or think about them is usually relegated to our fantasy’s and speculations but with very little understanding as to anything surrounding the experience and what to expect. To rectify this Google is in an attempt to bring the Google car into the household of America and get people to understand what to expect and how they feel and operate Google has undertaken a campaign of allowing reporters across many different backgrounds who write for many demographics to test ride along in them and report first hand what they think. This is a great move for Google, because as it stands now, many are worried, because as is often the case of our nature, we fear what we do not yet understand. Therefore the aim of this mission is education, to remove the stigma and clear the fog of autonomous driving. n

Here are just a few things being reported from peoples first hand accounts of autonomous auto motion.

  1. We give humans way too much credit when it comes to our ability to drive. In just the united states 30,000 people die from automobile accidents every year. This is the primary cause of death for people age 15-24 around the world. and during a crash, it is reported that 40% of people never even hit the breaks or in a word do not see it coming. Google aims to remove the human element from driving because it is flawed.  We get distracted, we drink, we text and we are at the end of the day really bad drivers.
  2. Google self driving cars would never take the liberties we take when driving in the name of safety. The cars are slow and deliberate, think grandmother speed with Earnhardt attention of space. although it is entirely possible for the cars to move faster and do much better than humans, this is a technology that is made for humans at the end of the day, and the goal is to put them at ease.jljn
  3. It is a surprisingly pleasing experience, and comfortable interior.  Without the need for everyone to be in a sense attentive to the road and the driver in the attempt to make sure they are on it and driving safely a whole new experience and relationship to driving is borne where the leisure of transport has never been felt. In the future productivity will sky rocket when during one’s hour long commute they are able to get more work done or even get in the breakfast we often neglect.
  4. The car is not done yet, there are bugs that will likely be worked out, its not perfect, but its pretty damn close.
  5. This is not going to be an exhilarating ride like something from the senses of tron, and that’s a good thing. When we take the stress out of driving and hour relationship can make these skills obsolete it will make for a more peaceful and verdant world.

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