Isn't it easy to avoid the accident?

Obviously the potential for you to get in a car accident is an awful thought; even assuming everyone involved survives and isn’t badly injured, there will be hell to pay in raised insurance rates and car repair/replacement. Accordingly, when these accidents do happen they tend to be horribly stressful and upsetting, which is very normal. That said, it’s important for the people involved to keep their cool; as bad as things are, they can get much worse if situations aren’t dealt with. Hopefully this article can help you to respond in the best and safest way to an accident if, god forbid, you end up involved in one.

Remain Calm

Car crashes are extremely emotional and may cause you to feel intense emotions or shock. Be sure to take the time you need to keep these in check, even if the other driver is completely at fault and is now actively ruining your day. No matter what, the most important thing is that you both are safe and if either of you is in critical condition, that the other one drive the injured one to the hospital. Don’t tell people an accident was your fault either; you may be mistaken, but if you admit it you’ve officially taken liability for the accident, case closed. This could in turn make you vulnerable to lawsuits and insurance penalties.

Check in with the Other Driver

Even in the most light-weight of fender benders, if you collide with another car, you need to get out and talk to the driver so that you can check to see if they’re OK, exchange insurance information and report the event to law enforcement. Anything less and you’ve become involved in a hit-and-run. This can in turn land you with misdemeanor to felony charges which, combined with your car damage and insurance rates, could really ruin your day, your credit, and maybe even put a damper on your life.

Just so you know, if someone becomes injured in an accident, you are required by law to provide them with assistance given that it in no way could cause you bodily harm to help them. You may need to take them to a hospital, in which case, do not hesitate.

Call 911

It’s somewhat common to make a private agreement with a driver with whom you’ve collided in which the person at fault pays the other person the money necessary to repair their car without either party alerting insurance companies or law enforcement. This can be very risky for the parties involved; if identification and contact information is forged, you could end up letting the person responsible for the damage to your car drive away home free.

Up to one in seven drivers is currently driving without car insurance. These people tend to carry fake or expired insurance cards, meaning you could not find out until later that you have no way of getting your car fixed.

car accidentGet the Information You Need

Be sure to take down information regarding when and where the crash was, the conditions that led to the accident, and the name, address, insurance company name and insurance policy number of the other driver. You’re going to want their license plate number, the contact information of any surrounding witnesses, pictures of the crash site and the vehicles involved, etc.

Stay On Top of It Until It’s Dealt With

Get legal and medicinal advice, then call up your insurance company and figure everything out with them. Register your insurance claim as soon as possible, but make sure you understand fully what your plan covers ahead of time.

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