Gemeral Motors Is set to release their first fully autonomous vehicle with the aid of the Lyft platform. The time table wholetmesfgfor this arrival may actually be a lot sooner than we think, in fact it could be under 2 years which is leaps and bounds ahead of the completion but that remains to be seen if that is a real estimate or just the braggadocio ravings of an overly proud company. The company is planing on bringing its self driving car to the masses by launching its first driver less car soon, and thus they are going to beat out Uber and Ford for their similar partnership. This could be a huge time table and could shape the American car industry forever. The reason being is that no matter what they are going to be the face of autonomous cars in the eyes of the American public and it can only go one of two ways. The first is that everything goes smoothly and people just make it one and one that autonomous driving and Lyft go hand in hand and everyone gets off of Uber. Because lets face it, if we could avoid those awkward conversations with the Uber drivers about their lives and how they are going to be inevitably replaced by a driver-less fleet in a matter of months is kind of worth its weight in gold to not have to go through that ordeal. The other way and worse way is that it is down right bad. Whether its that the car is dangerous or its just glitch which is bound to happen with any new tech people will associate poor performance and the shortcomings of autonomous driving with Lyft. Thus when Uber and Ford make their play and clean up a lot of those glitches we can assume that they will be seen as a breath of fresh air and will take control of the market. Either way the American road cape and the way we get around is going to change forever, and soon. Pam Fletcher an executive chief engineer of autonomous tech at GM told us that, “we have not made that announcement yet, but what I would say is this, is all coming much faster than people anticipate so I’ll say that much. We have been transparent about that; we are working on an on remain ride sharing network with Lyft it’s not something we are thinking about it’s something we are very much readying for consumer use.” 

In regards to electric vehicles and how they will transition into this platform she said that, ” They (EVs) operate very smoothly, they operate very quietly, seamlessly, and so you can create this very positive experience consider the car, People they want that, they want to get in the car and for it to feel like a cocoon, so they can take a nap or have a conference.” Imagine that sleeping while in a car, that is going to be a reality sooner than we think, but what about all the other cars on the road that are subject to human error?

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