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When it comes to your electric car and the potential to ever sell it again, lets face it unless you have the word Tesla written across the trunk you are not going to see much if any real  money for it when its time to sell. In fact if you have a leaf or volt with low mileage and nothing internally wrong with it you are going to find that it goes for the price of any beater in that year. So why is this the case ?

There are many reasons why electric car resales are so poor and why the deck is so stacked against you when you are trying to get rid of your old electric car. The reason being for is is that the cars themselves were way to highly valued at the onset. In fact we see time and time again that companies are trying to offset their R and D costs and are really delivering products that aren’t really ready to get on the market.

That is not the only reason another reason is that the technology is largely antiquated when it hits a certain time frame. The people who want electric cars usually are not going to settle for something that is crappy and a lot of the resales today are just that, crappy. gat

Apparently most of the people are not willing to live with the asterisk or few others can accompany the lire with a used electric car. According to the pricing authority of Black Book, the so called retail values for the used 2013 Nissan Leaf is down in the gutter and are at an average just 22 percent of the original MSRP, somewhere $8000, which is pretty remarkable when you think that a toyota truck is going to be at that range that is almost 20 years old. A three year old Leaf which when new is going to cost you about 30K or 40K considering on the state and the incentives you are going to get. The returned from lease gets sold at wholesale auction now for just around 6K so on average that is no more than 18 percent of the origonal MSRP.

“the auto industry hasn’t really seen something like this in a while, it kink of mirrors the electronics industry says David Chang. “in the past there has been this trend of having electric vehicles look very different. do you really want to drive that?”

So when we look at why everyone is bad at this maybe we should begin and look at who is good and how they are able to differentiate themselves in this regard. “Tesla resale values are an anomaly if you look at the electric car competitive set. The Model S finally have eco conscious consumers something that fit their image.” 

That is just it. Besides making a product that blows these others out of the water in terms of performance and just all around styling. What makes Tesla special is that they were able to manufacture an identity.


hybrid taxi dubai

Dubai is implementing some major, revolutionary transportation infrastructure changes in their city, and seem to be ready to start implementing radical new ways of doing things just short of 3D printing their cars. According to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), half of Dubai’s taxi fleet will be hybrid vehicles by 2021.

Dubai’s current taxi fleet numbers around 150 hybrids, but that number is expected to rise up to 4,750 in the next five years.

The hybrids will be powered by a combination of electricity and petrol and run off of self-charging electric motors when driven within a speed of 40km/h. When it speeds up past that point, the engine will shift back to petrol.

A hybrid taxi will create 30% less carbon emissions.

This move is all part of larger plan to reduce carbon emissions resulting from taxis by 2 percent, according to Matter Al Tayer, director-general and chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of RTA. The Dubai Supreme Council of Energy recently required the decrease.

The decision was also prompted by the low life cycle cost of hybrid vehicles in comparison with normal vehicles, plus the recent deregulation of fuel prices.

hybrid taxi“The plan encompasses beefing up the fleet of hybrid taxicabs in Dubai from 147 in 2015 to 791 in 2016, 1,582 in 2017, 2,375 in 2018, 3,167 in 2019, 3,959 in 2020 and to further increase the number to 4,750 hybrid taxicabs by 2021,” stated Al Tayer.

Most of this fleet will be operated by Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), a large subsidiary of RTA that will own over 2,000 cabs. Cars Taxi will own 900 cabs and National Taxi will own 812. Arabia Taxi will have 463 cabs, Metro Taxi will have 377 cabs, and City Taxi will have 18.

“RTA is endeavoring to bring about a quantum shift in the infrastructure of mass transit systems to make them environment-friendly, and accommodate the rising demand for transit means in the emirate,” Al Tayer continued.

RTA was the first company in the Dubai region to attempt to introduce hybrid vehicles into taxi fleets in 2008.

“Results of the trial operation of hybrid taxis conducted by DTC since 2008 indicated that they help reduce carbon emissions by 34 percent, slashing fuel consumption by 33 percent, besides cutting maintenance costs due to the low mechanical faults, and curbing noise levels,” Al Tayer explained.

The RTA has a lot to gain from continuing with this kind of momentum; an RTA study showed that replacing all taxi cabs in Dubai with hybrid cabs would actually reduce carbon emissions by 230,000 tonnes per annum. That means a savings of Dh170 million.

The hybrid taxi initiative is only one part of a multi pronged effort on the part of the RTA to reduce Dubai’s carbon footprint and unnecessary resource use.

rta dubaiLast year, the RTA initiated a trial run of an electric-powered bus that is operated through rechargeable batteries that need less then half an hour to regain fully charged status. A fully charged battery can transport the bus and its passengers up to 200 km.

The RTA has also introduced CNG-powered abras which are slowly phasing out diesel-powered abras on Dubai Creek. LED street lighting is yet another example of their eco-friendly revisions to Dubai infrastructure, reducing the carbon footprint by more than 3,000 tonnes per annum.

According to the RTA, by 2030 they plan to replace all street lights with LED lights, something that would reduce the carbon footprint of the RTA’s operations by 27,000 mega tonnes of carbon.

Since long you are planning to purchase a new car for your family, but the problem is you don’t have money for down payment. You may have a wedding of your fast friend approaching or you want to purchase a new car to impress your business rivals. Whatever the reason is, you don’t have money to give as down payment. At this point of time leasing a vehicle is the best possible solution, not because you will get the desired vehicle, but ultimately you will end up paying lesser amount in comparison with if you purchase the same. There are a lot of people who don’t like using a car, but I’m sure they will change their opinion if they will come to know about the advantages of car leasing. It offers great flexibility in payment options and the best part is, you can select your type of car and Coupe, which you think is important for you business. You will get many benefits like affordable monthly payments, maintenance packages and safety features also.

Car Leasing is Becoming Popular

One of the main reasons why more and more people are opting for car leasing is they can save themselves from investing a big amount of money as down payment. Business houses are supposed to purchase many luxury cars and Coupe, but when they opt for car leasing they don’t have to worry about high depreciation costs. Most of the luxury cars depreciate their cost up to 50% within the first two years. In case of multiple cars, you have to bear the huge capital loss.

Benefits of Leasing a Car

  • By fixed payment you can easily budget your vehicle cost.
  • You are also provided with an insurance service and in case of a stolen car or a collision; the insurance company will bear the cost.
  • Road tax and other taxes are included for the duration of your lease deal.
  • You can get a brand-new car after every three years and don’t need to worry about the maintenance cost of the old vehicle.
  • You can afford to have better car when leasing whereas, in case of purchasing you cannot invest the big amount needed for the purchase deal.
  • You don’t have to bear any hidden cost and you will get free of cost delivery at your doorstep.
  • You do not have to bother about selling the old car and looking for better car exchange offers.
  • You always have the option to lease it for 6 months and if you can afford it, you can ask to extend the lease deal.

Benefits for Business Houses

  • You will get maximum tax relief on the monthly payments for car rent.
  • Those business houses which are registered for VAT can claim for VAT back on commercial vehicles.
  • Accident management services are the part of your lease contact.

After reading all the above benefits of car leasing, everyone would like to go for this. You can simply hand over your vehicle after the leasing period is over and take a new car with all the services mentioned.